We thank you for your patronage, but Madprofile has been shut down since 2009 after being made obsolete by modern social networking sites, and the fading in popularity of AIM as a primary internet messaging service.

MadProfile was founded in 2002, and was once the premiere in-app AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) profile extension ("Mad" as in unlimited/unrestrained/zany/boisterous).

MadProfile leveraged a little-known feature of the cut-down in-app browser (which did not appear to be a brower or have web functionality) to load one's "MadProfile" page inside the desktop app itself -- circumventing the imposed charater limit while remaining in the standard desktop app interface, and allowing certain otherwise-impossible interactive components within the limited profile viewer. At its peak, MadProfile had over 1 million registered users!

AOL eventually incorporate some of the features and functionality offered by MadProfile directly into its product, and later completely shut down the AIM service in 2017.

The founder and creator of MadProfile, Nick Merryman, may be contacted via email at nick@brickyardsolutions.com. Please do reach out -- I would love to hear your stories and memories of how MadProfile impacted you!